Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cocteau Twins - Live Las Vegas - Dec. 11, 1990

I own three Cocteau Twins bootlegs. Two that were purchased on CD and this one that I recorded myself. Of the three, this is the second best in terms of sound quality. But, more than that, this is the Las Vegas show from the "Heaven Or Las Vegas" tour.

Liz and I were living in Phoenix when this show happened. Liz had just been picked up as a Christmas/Holiday temp at a Wherehouse Music & Video store and I think that it was there that she caught wind of the fact that the Cocteau's were playing in Vegas. There really was no way that we were gonna miss this show. So, we drove through the Arizona and Nevada desert in her trusty little Pontiac T1000 (yeah, just slightly fancier Chevette).

When we got there, we were surprised at how many people from SLC that we knew that had trekked to the show as well. And, of course, I was going to sneak in the trusty little Sony recorder. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone telling Mike (a guy at our table) to be a bit more quiet in his appreciation of the band since I was recording. It helped a bit, but he still is moaning orgasmically at the end of nearly every number- just less noticeably so.

The cassette version of this was very listenable, so much so that 20 years ago I was selling copies to a local record store in Mesa, AZ. The condenser mic of the Sony did a decent job with the inside acoustics of the Bagdad Showroom of the Aladdin Hotel. At times the drums and bass cause a slightly noticeable clipping- but I'm still very pleased with this one. This was digitized in 2001 or 2002 with Roxio CD Spin Doctor. I've been meaning to put this online for a long time now as I would like other Cocteau Twins fans have a chance to listen to this historic and amazing show.

Track Listing

  1. Dials (pre-recorded intro)
  2. Blue Bell Knoll
  3. My Love Paramour
  4. From The Flagstones
  5. Orange Appled
  6. Iceblink Luck
  7. Cico Buff
  8. Wolf In The Breast
  9. Crushed
  10. Pitch The Baby
  11. Whales Tails
  12. Road, River, & Rail
  13. Aikea-Guinea
  14. A Kissed Out Red Float Boat
  15. Heaven Or Las Vegas
  16. Cherry Coloured Funk
  17. Pink Orange Red
  18. Akea-Guinea


  1. can u upload again please. Said it's not avail! I'd love to hear this show. Saw them twice in 1990 in NYC At The Beacon Theater and The Ritz Night Club! Brilliant! Thank you,

  2. Thank you. Tried to see them on this tour but they canceled :(

  3. Hello! Bonjour as you I recorded bands when I was younger my live first one was The Cure in Nantes (France)
    A great moment....
    Unfortunately I have never seen Cocteau Twins.
    I have several Lives of this group and I find that your recording is very good especially the voice of Liz Frazer !
    I would want to work again (equalizer) the sound of this Live in Las Vegas could you send me files in Flac or Wav to do this job ?
    Of course I will sent you an adress (Http) were you can download a great sound Live of Cocteau Twins !
    my email: siamesetwins1983@free.fr
    Sorry for my poor english

  4. Are there any links for the Cocteau twins show that are current? Help!!