Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Sundays - Live @ The Speedway Cafe - Aug. 5, 1990

This show at the Speedway was an amazing treat. The Sundays are amazing and seeing them live is something that I will never forget. This was on the tour for their debut album "Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic". I think most of the tracks from that album are represented here as well as "We Don't Mind" and another to which I have no idea what the title is. Hope you enjoy listening to it.

Track Listing:
  1. Can't Be Sure
  2. I Won
  3. I Kicked A Boy
  4. A Certain Someone
  5. Joy
  6. What Do You Think
  7. Skin & Bones
  8. We Don't Mind
  9. Something
  10. My Finest Hour
  11. Hideous Towns
  12. [Unknown Title]
  13. Here's Where The Story Ends
  14. Can't Be Sure


  1. Thank you so very much for sharing!
    I did not know that the song ‘We Don't Mind’, later became titled ‘On Earth’ and appeared on their second album ‘Blind’, already existed in 1990. The ”unknown” song is called ‘Turkish’ and like ‘Something More’ was never recorded in a studio. I like the atmosphere of this recording it must have been a great party.

  2. I was totally at this show!! Can't wait to hear your bootleg. I remember I was right up front and was getting crushed by the crowd, and Dave and Harriet were really concerned about me, they kept asking if I was okay. :) great times!